Why USB Power Delivery Car Chargers Are Gaining Popularity

Why USB Power Delivery Car Chargers Are Gaining Popularity

Some of you reading this article might not know this, but when cars had no modern screens, almost every car brand required a unique car charger. This, of course, meant that you needed to buy the charger once it got spoiled. Fortunately, this all changed when cars started adopting USB ports and chargers. The new car chargers come from a long line of universal serial bus cables, which have become a proven reliable mode of charging and data transfer. However, the USB 1 and 2 car chargers had some disadvantages that limited their use; the now available USB 3.0 power delivery cables are a game-changer.  So, why all this popularity?

Reasons for the USB power delivery car chargers' popularity

The USB power delivery chargers are the latest addition to the lineup and have been growing in popularity and demand since 2014, when the first edition of type C came out. These cables have achieved this through their myriad of advantages over their predecessors. The following four reasons are why the USB power delivery charger is close to becoming the industry standard.

Universally compatible

The USB power delivery charger has two identical charging ports. This makes it easy for car users to enjoy this technology to the maximum by charging two gadgets simultaneously. Interestingly, the USB charger can charge a wide range of android phones and can still charge USB-C compatible Apple gadgets, making them the to-go choice when you have these devices. As you buy your cable, be sure that it's compatible with your device by checking the specifications.

Improved charging speeds

The USB power delivery charger, or PD, can enhance your device's ability to take in more power, reducing the time it takes to charge your device by half. Some car USB power delivery chargers can deliver from 18W to a maximum of 100W compared to the previous ones that could withstand 10W and 15W. If you are not driving for long distances but want your phone to charge fast, this gadget will help.

Enhance versatility

Another reason why these chargers are becoming broadly accepted is due to their versatility. Gone are the days when your USB charger had to look some way. There are currently power delivery chargers with high-power sockets for those who want to expand their charging capability. Additionally, they also come in many designs and USB ports diversity, boosting their versatility.

Increased power handling

While the USB 1.0 and 2.0 have powerful power handling, the USB 3.0 power delivery chargers can allow for fast and safe charging without the worry of device destruction. Additionally, the charger speeds up charging in any car power outlet. These cables can withstand much power without being damaged or risking the gadget connected to the charger.


At first glance, the USB power delivery charger provides you with everything you need in a car charging gadget. From faster charging and powerful power handling to the wide range of uses, these chargers' demand is surging pretty fast. You can find many USB power delivery chargers on Ugreen website; browse and buy a charger for use in your car.