9 Reasons Why The Linear Power Supply Is Better For Reliability

9 Reasons Why The Linear Power Supply Is Better For Reliability

Linear power supply has recently seen a technological transformation that ensures improved performance. The change ensures that it can effectively power LED lights. It also provides that the ac dc power supply has a constant voltage. The constant voltage is perfect for uniformity. Furthermore, the linear driver is excellent when it comes to reliability. Below are some of the main reasons why it is reliable.

1. The Linear power supply has extra dimming abilities

The linear drivers come with additional dimming abilities. The dimming capabilities in the linear driver ensure that you can use the dimming qualities if you want to.

2. Excellent electromagnetic capability

The linear power supply has an excellent electromagnetic capacity (EMC). If you compare it with the resistor solution, you will find that it is better because of its superb EMC. The EMC is excellent because of the analog control loop. The loop does not use high-frequency switching for efficiency. The control loop’s mechanics ensure a high efficiency and reliability level compared to the resistor approach.

3. The linear power supply ensures consistent brightness

The linear power supply con maintains consistent LED strip light’s brightness over long lines. It does not matter whether the voltage drops or not. The linear driver ensures that all the LED strips are bright. Thus, it provides high-reliability levels.

4. The linear ICs also ensure reliability

The linear ICs are better than the traditional circuit. It is because it consumes less power. The circuit is small in construction and size. Thus, it ensures it does not consume too much power. Low power also means reduced operational costs.

5. Homogeneous light output

One of the best reasons for the linear driver reliability is the homogeneous light output. The homogeneous output happens because the power supply is independent of the LEDs heating up and forward voltage.

6. The linear power supply does not need any magnetics

The linear driver does not require any magnetics for optimal operations. It means that the system can sustain itself and work efficiently. Furthermore, the lack of magnetics also makes it very affordable.

7. It has a vast ripple suppression ability

Ripple suppression means the ability of the power supply to ensure a slight variance in the DC from the driver. At the same time, voltage regulation provides that the lines have continuous voltage. Thus, the linear LED power supply ensures no non-continuous voltage. Its ability to suppress the ripple effect makes it very reliable.

8. Excellent topology ability

The linear driver ensures that one can put multiple circuits in a parallel manner. The parallel method does not require the LED devices’ cumbersome selection. Thus, it provides that work is efficient and done at optimal times.

9. Has a control system loop that offsets operational drawbacks

Linear drivers have issues with efficiency. If you compare the driver to that in switch mode, switch mode one has a higher efficiency rate. But, the control loop helps to remove its operational and efficiency drawbacks. Thus, encouraging more reliability.


The linear power supply has its merits and demerits. But, systems such as the control loop helps to offset the demerits. Therefore, encourage reliability. If you are looking for an affordable power supply, the linear driver offers some of the best merits.